Darwin German

Darwin German II was raised in an entrepreneurial family that included real estate investing. At an early age, Darwin was initiated into the realm of real estate by working with his family rehabbing apartments and single family homes.

In 1986 Darwin began working in the commercial real estate industry assisting his father in the commercial real estate and property management business. In 1989 Darwin received his California Real Estate Sales license. During this period Darwin started his first business, College Maintenance Company, servicing commercial real estate properties. Part of his responsibilities included light maintenance – painting suites, helping with tenant improvements and space planning, basic work orders, repairs, etcetera.

In 1991 Darwin moved to Texas to identify and inspect properties for purchase by a California investor who was represented by his father, Darwin German Sr. During the three years following, Darcorp represented California buyers in the purchase of 6,000 apartment units. As the managing agent, Darcorp was responsible for the due diligence and day-to-day management of the properties purchased.

The first three years and while working at Darcorp, Darwin obtained his Texas and Arizona Real Estate Brokers Licenses. He also started and later sold a successful commercial real estate company to his partner in Dallas, Texas. He also completed his formal education at Northwood University, with a degree in Business Management and a minor in International Business.

In 1994, Darwin committed himself full time to the development of Darcorp Management Group, Inc. Over the next several years Darwin was responsible for the management company. This included 6,000 units in four states, 140+ employees, and $3 million per year in construction. Darwin developed and implemented a restructuring of Darcorp, thus increasing net income for his investors by more than 40%. In addition, Darwin also wrote the policy and procedure manual for the company in its entirety, trained office management and leasing staff, developed bonus programs for the employees reducing turn-over, decreasing make-ready time, adding value to the bottom line, and managing daily business of Darcorp.

Since 1997, Darwin has been an active investor in commercial real estate, not limited to but including personal investment of office, retail, land, warehouse, apartments, condominiums, and land development. The total amount of his personal transactions exceeds $18,000,000.

In 2001 Darcorp sold the portfolio for over $220,000,000. The same year, the Dallas Morning News reported this transaction as the largest in Dallas/Fort Worth. Since 2001 Darwin has focused on his personal investments and commercial brokerage.

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